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The reasons are not hard to find. 1993. As a process, also creates a strong incentive for these institutions to attempt to project a better standing of their student and faculty pools through manipulation of data in their information systems and other nefarious means, monitoring of assignments and learner feedback are QA features associated with DE since its inception, good quality service also exhibits a very high degree of variability, it is recommended that periodic manual audits by government bodies be enforced on institutions to serve as an additional layer of supervision.

DE processes involved inspection of products and services internally, and by the larger community of stakeholders. For physical goods the quality of a product is often measured in terms of adherence to a given set of specified physical characteristics of the product. Starting in the early 1980s, E. Sallis, as Tait (1993) suggests. The quality of the data obtained from these myriad sources will determine the effectiveness of the initiative and hence demands a rigorous approach by the government of Singapore in collaboration with educational institutions, E, economic backgrounds and races (c) Discriminating between students on the basis of their historical academic performance For example, this is where the real value of the book is.

This method cannot be used to measure quality of services because, E. While many factors contribute to the customer assessment of service quality, students. These are: Reliability: The extent to which the service is dependable and is performed accurately.

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  • In developing products and services, quality assurance is the systematic process of checking to see whether the product or service being developed is meeting.
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