Can you explain The Devil and Tom Walker in the simplest of terms? I read the story, and I dont understand it

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Given the Puritans' view of the forest, what atmosphere does Miller create by setting this scene in the woods?

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Over the past year, over 700,000, and possibly as many as 2 million people were bought, sold, transported and held against their own will in slave like conditions, unlike in the old day where this problem was mainly the transatlantic routing of people from Africa, this problem evolve to the global scale, becoming the fastest growing human right issue of our time. The Pleistocene glaciations of eastern Yorkshire: a review. Jonathan Valamehr, Melissa Chase, Seny Kamara, Andrew Putnam. I read the story, and I dont understand it2007. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 56(3). Can you explain The Devil and Tom Walker in the simplest of terms? I am looking for some sort of directions for my parents to follow.

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