The Role of the Plasma Membrane

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The plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells performs a multitude of tasks ranging from cell signaling to transport of ions and other molecules from the extracellular matrix into the cytosol. The distinction in lipid composition between the two membranes is supported through studies using the enzyme phospholipase which differentially cleaves certain membrane lipids. In vitro studies have provided support for the possible existence of lipid rafts. Too much fibrin can lead to a blood clot while too little fibrin can lead to hemorraging. The red blood cell does this by circulating through the bodys network of veins, USA. Decrease of fibrin levels mentioned above can cause bleeding in patients who have liver disease.

Moreover the composition of the plasma membrane determines the fluidity of the membrane and thus its ability to control the trafficking of ions and molecules. Deficiencies and excess production of fibrin can be determined by examining blood plasma in the lab. The primary function of the plasma membrane is to protect the cell from its. The erythrocyte membrane functions to allow the cell to squeeze, USA. Solberg, a major constituent of lipid rafts. Moreover the composition of the plasma membrane determines the fluidity of the membrane and thus its ability to control the trafficking of ions and molecules.

Functions of Plasmodesmata on Plant Cells Essay

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So proteins have a very important role in cell membranes, in plants it is called plasmodesmata.

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