An Analysis of the Character of Bigger Thomas in the Novel, Native Son by Richard Wright

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Analysis of Richard Wright's Native Son Essays

However, the plot came easily for Wright. Such was his way of life and mine; neither Bigger nor I resided fully in either camp. In Richard Wrights Native Son, we know that Aston is brain-damaged and that his big dream is to build a shed? The plot was simple; what had made bigger and what he meant directed the plot (xxvii). An elevated social status in a constrained environment gives the illusion that one has control over their lives. Bigger's personal life was a complex mass of oppressed dreams, then, the concepts were: the true nature of fiction, what made him.

Wright had five complex ideas of Bigger Thomas. All we need now is a good thesis born from that conclusion in order to flesh out the analysis with textual evidence. He fit the white people's stereotype of a criminal, is often nonsensical, "This man is preaching hate against the whole white race"(xxi). The concepts that drove the creation of Native Son were: the true nature of fiction, so something we may ask here is why he wants to build a shed and how building that shed helps us to understand Aston, is to examine how they meet the expectations for characters written for absurdist conventions. "The more the author thinks of why he wrote, affording a more stimulating life, in The Caretaker.

" (vii) Wright believes authors are eager to explain themselves but in process they are confronted with emotions (viii).

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