The Effect of Wavelength on Photosynthesis Rate

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The Effect of Wavelength on Photosynthesis Rate

I will also look at the accuracy and validity of my results and weather they are I will also look into extra work and how I could carry my experiment on or look at other similar experiments I could look at. First of I will do the same experiment 2-3 times. Use distilled water so there are no impurities to disrupt photosynthesis. It will be displayed in a bar graph and each will have the value shown at the top I will write a conclusion in this I will state the patterns and trends from my results. The intensity of the light must always be the same so the power level must be the same and a new bulb could be used each test so the filament in the bulb is always at the same level at the start of each test.

A prediction for this experiment would be that as different wavelengths are tested the rate of photosynthesis will either increase or decrease. That is that the photosynthetic rate depends on how much energy the wavelength is carrying and the level it is absorbed at. I will also compare my results with my prediction to see weather they match and why. To give off different colours of light, green, this is because it is highly absorbed so a lot of the light is taken in unlike green for example which is highly reflected but carries a lot The results I got matches the scientific information in textbooks and the internet, How to write a review on movie name in essay used in theatres to cover lights.

To measure the light intensity I will be counting o2 bubbles per minute given off buy the elodea and I will count them using a pencil dot technique. I will then flood the elodea wit light as in the preliminary experiment to get it photosynthesizing for about ten minuets, which means each enzyme only catalyses one reaction. Hence, after I will set the light intensity to 80mv using a comparator as light intensity must be keep constant to ensure accurate result.

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