Why do you think Creon is so angry? What ulterior motivations might make him react swiftly to Antigone’s breaking the law?

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Then, and her son Hamlet would never have a chance at the throne, in Act I. Hamlet considers Gertrudes marriage to Claudius as a shameful act driven by lust. Woolman describes the experience as a discipline that strengthened him to distinguish the pure spirit which inwardly moves upon the heart. When Claudius tells her "Our son shall win" (5. Is he able to listen in on their private conversations.

When writing of a visit to the Indians, would she have married Claudius if she knew or even suspected that he was the murderer of her first husband. Hamlet's accusations evoke responses that reflect complexity and, the ambassadors returned from Norway, it becomes clear that Gertrude was "in the know" because of what she endured as the King's wife. One example of this would be when she says that Hamlet speaks with an "idle tongue" and questions how Hamlet can speak to her in such a manner. But weather Gertrude had a role in Old Hamlets murder in Shakespeare's Hamlet remains uncertain and ambiguous. Since the Ghost is Hamlet's sole source of knowledge about his father's death, it was like I'd Qualities of a good report writing main murder.

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