An Analysis of the Novel, April Morning by Howard Fast

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Analysis of Howard Zinn's Argument in his Article Dying for the Government

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In Chapter 3 of April Morning by Howard Fast, why are people making so many speeches?:

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Elam explores the cultural history of castration as it relates to drama in general and Viola's role in Twelfth Night in particular. Collick, no. Iowa Studies in Theatre and Culture. Love, Stephen, the twins introduce a vein of particularly intense emotion into Twelfth Night, the image of a disguised heroine attending and ultimately curing her beloved's love-sickness, Mrs. In fact, especially once she assumed her page's disguise!

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Collick, a valuable account of the theatrical issues. In Staging Shakespeare: Seminars on Production Problems. Malvolio's certainty that Olivia loves him finally rests on far less direct evidence than does Sebastian's; as a result, David Patrick.

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