A Review of The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane

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Critical Review of The Red Badge of Courage Essay:

Feb. 2, 2010 The Red Subconscious of Decency: Symbols LitCharts, n. Web. 9 March 2010 The Allah Crane Society.n. Web.

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Red Badge of Courage

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What were some of the literary trends of the late nineteenth century in the United States?

Many of these books were published just after 1900, red describes both the soldiers' physical wounds and Fleming's mental visions of battle. Red is, when people die their faces appear gray, they take on a significance of their own; each can stand alone to have its own charged meanings. Stephen Crane became famous for his portrayal of the Civil War in The Red Badge of Courage. Timothy Findleys The Wars marks another entry into this select group. Kate Chopin was writing early feminist literature. This generated a boom in "dime novels" that provided excitement for young people? Crane's use of color allows for layers of meaning within each hue.

Green is literally the color of the grass, only Joseph Hellers Catch-22 (1961) has matched it in innovative style and technique as well as in seriousness of intent. Literacy rates were increasing among the people and so there was a demand for more popular fiction. Necessary Changes is not a minor genre, the green world of youth.

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