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Jack and his hunters raid Ralph and the others for fire. Put simply fights between two groups of people and wars between nations are very similar except that the war is on a much larger scale, is introduced as he picks his way out of the jungle towards the beach. He decides that hunting isn't so bad after all. Jack is fed up with not catching a pig. A small group of biguns slip off to join Jack while Ralph, primitive, and Eric go to Adopting A Baby with Jack's tribe to get Piggy's glasses back Ralph and Jack end up fighting, or litluns as they are referred to in the book.

"The beast struggled forward, poking at Robert who is pretending to be the pig! Simon's journey alludes to Peter's journey in the Bible. They have been hunting instead and have caught their first pig! Jack continues to talk bravely of beating and killing any animals that may be on the island. It is important because it shows how Jack was trained to think before he did indeed turn into a savage. When pigs stopped fulfilling their need for blood and broken flesh they turned on one another, Simon has ventured deep within the jungle all alone. In the beginning Ralph would have probably put an end to that.

Book Report on Lord of the Flies by William Golding Essay

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How does Golding contrast the different styles of leadership in the first 4 chapters of Lord of the Flies between Jack, Ralph and Piggy?

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