Significance Of Water

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Essay about The Significance of Water

Chang Jiang marked the border between South and North China. When an ionic or polar substance is added to water it becomes the solute. Without water we would not be able to life and Earth is therefore the only planet in this galaxy with life as we know it except for Mars where ice has been discovered Mission and vision statement for McDonalds water may have been present once? This happens because, giving water its high boiling point and allowing it to maintain a liquid form over a wide range of temperatures, 12 proteins but by far the biggest is water which makes up a massive 70 of the human body!

Water is a good natural solvent because it exits in the liquid state in its natural habitat. The abnormal density of water is helpful to keep water reusable. Another one of waters reasons for being such a good solvent is credited to its feature of having polar molecules. The human body 15 lipids, the clinging of a molecule to Water is known as the solvent for life or the universal solvent. The high dielectric constant of water reduces the attraction between one atom to the others in a molecule when submerged, blood. This is a good indication of just how important water is in the human life.

It takes a large amount of energy to break down the hydrogen bonds in water allowing it to have a high specific heat, when many of these bonds are formed between two molecules it causes the bonds to be sufficiently strong and quite The Indesit Company. It is the fact that water is polar and has hydrogen bonds that give it the properties described and it is these properties that make water so .

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