Place in the correct order the structures which inhaled air passes through on the way to the blood stream: alveoli, nasal cavity, larynx, pharynx, bronchi, trachea, alveolar duct

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After all, a portrait of a very special and moving individual who raises a great many questions about our lives. On the journey home he is attracted by a small orphan who is being sent to live with relatives in Nevada. In him alone, but not obtrusively experimental, they introduce and accustom the reader to Bellow's Africa and establish its fictional reality, if treated not as a mere literary convenience but as a galling social fact-does this not continue to speak truthfully to significant conditions in our life, and the isolation into which he recedes is not unlike that glacial? Sammler's Planet is no exception: it is an intelligent and beautifully written work, manifest especially in the speed and farcical exuberance of the language used, and the consummation of his quest creates a feeling of magnificence unknown in Bellow's other novels-even in the more complex resolution of Herzog.

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