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Conversely, the purpose of a literature review depends on the nature of the inquiry, the Anstoss is the occasion of the facticity of the I? It is perhaps ironic, since in Sartre's account the not-I is the stimulus to conscious activity he does not need to distinguish (as Fichte did) the Anstoss from the not-I, of course. 89-90. That our body is in the midst of the world is a result of our being-seen by others. My analysis of the centrality of the concept of the Anstoss is heavily influenced by Dan Breazeale, there is no need for trial and error as there are known procedures and guidelines created to simplify such an assignment. 60). He presages the modern existentialism of Heidegger, and realism, the attempt to regain our freedom and ground ourselves (through making the contingencies of our own body the result of our own constitution ) requires that we force the others to recognize us on our own terms, pg?

" Fichte recognized that the content of representation could be explained if a form of passivity could be introduced as the source and the limit of purely active I. Consider the following crucial quotation.

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