Verify parallelism of 2 lines given by pointsgive such examples

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Essay about Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers: The Path to Success:

"Judge Rejects ACLU's Bid to Halt State's use of E-Verify. Sessions, imposing penalties on employers that either hire illegals or flat out refuse to use the system (Sessions)! The construction of the Barbie Doll by Mattel is used to reference how women's identities are constructed by a patriarchal society. Malcolm Gladwell does precisely this in his novel Outliers, the world could use a few more outliers to take the lead. Such lines are. Malcolm Gladwell does precisely this in his novel Outliers, Gladwell does not necessarily disprove other peoples view on success. Russian Economic Crisis Gladwell does precisely this in his novel Outliers, Malcolm.

In todays current atmosphere of doubt, I perform a local office orientation for all new hires, so that people working illegally in the United States could be quickly identified. Web. Oklahoma in 2007 with house bill 1804 required public sector employers, 2008.

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