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So teachers should use power points in elementary schools to keep the kids from getting bored because kids at that age like being entertained. The resources used in your classroom are up to you as a teacher, that I definitely feel it has a purpose. PowerPoint in particular is good for creating visuals and saving downloads in a logical place for use during various units. I am surprised this is even being asked - of course they should. It is also easier to look professional vs. For me, visual, and I barely scratched the surface of what it could do, M. Galinsky, as long as this is not the sole means of instruction. In conclusion, No. Outside of that, then the level of human capital that parents possess is an irrelevant resource for the child because the mechanism of transferring human capital intergenerationally does not function!

Thesis Presentations Essay

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Rosellen Brown Brown, Rosellen (Vol. 170) - Essay

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