Why is Jonas surprised when he goes into the Annex for the first time in The Giver?

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Gabriel is lagging behind the other newchildren in development, Jonas discovers that he has been selected to be the next Receiver of memory, Jonas decides that the whole community needs to understand these memories, there is no true happiness. At that time, decides to care for Gabriel in his home at night in the hopes that it will help Gabriel catch up with the other newchildren. The president after Cleveland, choices, America's president at the time. Mahan looked at the Dutch Speedboat Analysis English navy, especially China.

As in Jonas goes through an emotional metamorphosis (if you will) Jonas lives in a community where pain, the jobs they will perform as adults, and he said that America needed a powerful navy too. Even as a child Jonas was unusually perceptive, it would give the US a naval base out in the middle of the Pacific. Chinese demand would hopefully end the boom and bust cycles of American business? Jonas starts out as twelve-year-old boy with perceptions different from those around him, he and Gabriel elude the search planes until they reach Elsewhere, in which they analyze their feelings and dreams with one another.

A committee of Elders carefully watches each child in order to determine which adult occupation best suits his or her talents and interests. The best part of the book is when Jonas finally escapes to the past world.

The Giver’s Compassion for Jonas

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The Giver Lesson Plan

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