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Default Pornstars: Funniest comments & interview snatches



"she sound like the badguy in Robocop after he got doused in toxic waste"

kelly was one of the best taking 2 in her ass in the mid-2000s for sure

"Did´nt she use to be Sporty Spice out of the Spice Girls???"

"She got them Alice Cooper eyes"

"I mean the next thing you know she's gonna be gettin DPed by 2 midgets, while a dog throat fucks her, all while she screams no daddy no!!"

"I have a movie with her where she clearly says, 'I wanna walk out of here with a rectal dysfunction'. SPOOKY!"

"She looks like Lady GAGA"

"Two years ago *every* anal themed movie had Kelly Wells"

"i would love to take her ass sweat, her armpit sweat, spit, shit vomit en ear wax, put it in her ass, let her shake it, and then fart-shoot the sour cream in my mouth"

"love a whore who needs meth money"

"Did Kelly's ass finally blow out??"

"Crazy Irish chick......she's proably the most insane in porno land. Gonna wonder what's going on inside of that pretty head of hers....I dig her work though.Not the type you would marry....love to see her on a therapist's couch.....man she's got serious issues......"

"she looks like Cindy-lou-crackwhore-who from whoville"

"I suspect she has borderline personality disorder. There seems to be a touch of mental illness involved in her self-distruction. For me, it takes away from her so much that I cannot get into her scenes. I hope she gets the help she needs"

"She shite on herself in a Max Hardocre DVD"

"I miss Kelly Wells and her double everything scenes. Please come back and do more double anal. You need to catch up with Audrey Hollander"

"Love it when a bitch farts"

"Being a pain whore is what she is best known for"

"What an asshole"

"Kelly's real name is Jessica Walls"

"The kinds of scenes Kelly did a couple of years ago had the highest talent fees - double anal does cost more. With the financial situation in porn these days - not much better than Bear Stearns - nobody is has a budget for those kinds of talent fees any more"

"I guarantee you have never seen anything this hardcore!! Kelly takes it like a true fuckin anal queen!! Richard's Mann meat stretches her ass so wide this black hole WILL take you to another universe! Login and watch this ass get fucked into oblivion!!"

"haha now thats a gaping anus, what a stinker"

"her father must be proud"

"The Apocalypse is upon us when Kelly Wells goes monogamous"

"Kelly's real name is Jessica L. Walls"

"she ate that ass well, he had a pretty nice asshole for a dude and she tongued it well, should have fingered it too"

"Kelly's myspace page is gone. Looks like the ride is over"

"You could stand on the picther's mound and throw a baseball into Kelly Wells' asshole if she was kneeling on home plate. That's how big she gapes..."

"Fucked ass for long time"

"she's crazy as a shithouse rat"

"every great trip must come to an end at some point. If this is that point for Kelly, I can only say this: thanks to the Porn Gods for aligning the planets in such a way as to bring her to porn, and thanks to Kelly Wells for being possibly the dirtiest performer we've ever seen"

"It turned me on when she told Mandigo that his nuts smell good. First sex scene I've saw her in and I'm even more hot on her despite she has sex with other men for 300 an hour"

"I'm a sick fuck, look at how much cock I can take!"

"the faces of this slut are just hilarious"

""crazy" is a appropriate term for a porn whore who knows how to take some REAL fucking dick in her ass but is not stupid when it comes down to it"

"Kelly Wells is still an escort!!! You can find her on City of Pink for 800/hr"

"crack bitch"

"Anal damage!"

"her asshole will be like a wizards sleeve"

"Kelly is alive and well and back in the asswhore limelight where she belongs!"

"she leaves jenna jameson in the dark"

"everybody says she'll be wearin diapers"

"someone beat her with an ugly stick"

"I never thought I'd see the day when Kelly would say no to a cock - any cock - going balls deep in her ass"

"someone slap this stupid loud bitch"

"Can't reach orgasm any more unless a few guys have been jamming her holes for hours"

"she needs help, and nappies"

"At least she left an awesome legacy of anal and double anal scenes"

"Piece of crap sorryass blackfucking whore scum"

"Damn, she would be an awesome drug smuggler"

"I think she's getting what she wants"

"RIP super-hardcore Kelly 'fuckin' Wells"

"Destroy her face!"

"that ass was murdered?"

"Oh dear, how porn dreams are so easily shattered. Kelly seemed like the kind of girl who'd be a dirty anal whore her whole life and now even she's mellowed and bought a pair of comfy shoes and a nice cardigan"

"She wont be happy until she signs a contract saying she wants to gangbanged by 10 men then murdered on film!"

"This wacked out chick will be wearing diapers in ten years"

"even belladonna thinks this chick is dirty"

"Poor sweet Kelly may become the first girl to do a triple anal. And then after that, a triple anal and a triple pussy. And then after that, adult diapers"

"shut the fuck up you fuckin whore"

Don't want to point fingers or offend anyone but for example Kelly Wells did obviously suffered severe sexual abuse, hitting herself. Always going on about how she was a worthless whore, only good for taking cocks in her ass. Making baby sounds when she was fucked (like a child who is being molested) In tear me a new she sucks a buttplug like a pacifier and said things like "Daddy I've been a bad look a grown man is punishing my ass, yeah they did it for you" I liked Kelly Wells as a performer but her I think that being in porn isn't a good idea. The guys don't even take notice. After that I felt uncomfortable watching the rest of the scene

"Kelly has done enuv DPs and DAPs for her next 19 reincarnations"

Double vag and anal at the same time

"The shit she did with Max Hardcore was some of the best"

Nikki Nievez and Kelly Wells's scene from Skeeter Kerkove's Lesbian Food Fuckfest. It has everything in it: fruits, vegetables and whip cream. Both girls look hot, have great natural bodies and are down for everything and simply love everything

"She looks sweet with a huge dong in her ass, no?"

I swear Kelly Wells is now working at Target

"diaper girl"

In the US market only Kelly Wells and Annette Schwarz can be seen sucking comes into their mouths through their noses

"If indeed the Apocalypse is nigh, then Sex Sex Sex is the sign of the beast"

My WTF moment was when I saw Kelly "Fucking" Wells getting pounded in the poop chute, when the male talent pulled out, a few strawberries follwed him, along with a hot dog in the bun, which kelly promptly ate!

"Nasty, skanky, black cock loving whore"

Kelly Wells was the queen of quacking bjs she started to quack right away when she just had penis heads in her mouth

"There is just something really unsexy about a girl who shoves a dildo that large into her ass. Doesn't she know she will be shitting herself by the time she is 50. Yeah, Good Times for you Kelly!"

Kelly wells squirts in most of her anal scenes

"Smack that bitch harder"

Prying Open My Third Eye. Awesome scene with one of my Top 5 - Vanessa Lane, with Kelly Wells. They're both taking good anal action and then suddenly Holly Wellin arrives and starts giving sloppy head to the guy. No ordinary sloppy head though - Kelly is collecting the spit in nothing other than a gravy boat. It must be nearly full. It is then used as lube for further anal play. WTF?

"she's some sort of giant fuckhole"

Kelly Wells was kinda epic. But sometimes it made me uncomfortable. In "tear me a new one 2" she said things like "Daddy I've been a bad girl, look at a grown man punishing my ass. They did it for you cause I've been such a piece of worthless shit. Somebody had to do it for you"

"someone should have some consideration for that girls asshole"

Checkout "Harder Than Steel" with Kelly Wells fucking Nathan Threat. It was directed by Skeeter Kerkove. Kelly Wells is ridiculous in this. Here is some of the dialogue from Kelly's scene ...: "I want to have chocolate nuts for breakfast (while sucking his balls). Show me the fucking African in you. I wanna be your worthless white whore. Fuck the white man, the white man ain't shit!! I ran away from a trailer park just to get some black dick. There's no sex like interracial anal sex. I'm a pathetic white whore I don't deserve shit, not even a black man's cock. White men are two bit pieces of shit. (Right after performing A2M she says) taste like white cracker whore" And the funniest line .. and no I'm not making this shit up ..: "I want to contribute at least one mulatto baby to the overpopulated white world." During the scene Skeeter says "It's a love story". Kelly responds "It's a white & black love story".That scene was fucking hilarious. The movie also has scenes with Hillary Scott, Sierra Sinn, and two other nasty white chicks. But none of them talk as dirty as Kelly Wells

"stupid bitch. how many dumb cunts let someone shove something that huge up their asshole?"

Wells has stunning features, she rarely accentuates. Consequently, attention get diverted to her freakishly nymphoric state

"god her ass is riped her cunt will be tighter"

Beautiful on the outside but a freak on the inside

"fucking her ass would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway"

Kelly Wells, damn, that woman could do an anal, dp, or double anal scene

"bitch sounds like a freakin retard"

Kelly 'fuckin' Wells, gaping is soooo popular now and DAP seems to be making a bit of a cumback, where's Miss Wells and her amazingly flexible ass when you need her

"this poor girl is really mentally unwell. She looks sick, depressed and really unhappy"

it's called dissociation which is a common mechanism for zoning out when people are in severe pain or trauma. But I agree Kelly Wells really turned insane, in Tear me a new one 2 she says "Daddy I've been a bad girl, look at a grown man punish my ass, yeah they did it for you cause I've been such a worthless piece of shit" she's going back and forth to extreme whore mode to making toddler sounds. Kelly Wells must have experienced very severe childhood abuse, she was very insane however a very good performer

"she looks drugd up"

when Kelly Wells starts that wild-eyed drooling and growling shit...I want to call a priest

"All that remains is to see her rectum tear during a scene where she takes on three guys in her ass. Or to see her down the road with bolt-ons, collagen inflated lips, and - if Skeeter is a domestic abuser - serious bruises. Or HIV infection"

any suggestions of women who are possessed when they fuck - they get into a crazed trance and start speaking trash without stop - mila and kelly wells come to mind...

"kelly get her ass torn open!"

Prolapsing wasn't popular back then with mainstream girl like it is now. I'm sure Kelly might or could have been able to prolapse if it was required of her

"Kelly Wells's specialty is anal sex"

I don't think that Kelly Wells knows the definition of a 'tame' anal scene! She is more than often roughly manhandled and takes rough anal poundings in many submissive positions. Check her out

"she's the female Max Hardcore!"

Saw Kelly Wells get a whole hot dog put in her ass (with bun) then eat it. Didn't really turn me on but it was really funny, and pretty damn shocking. Like who dose that, and how did it not fall apart? This entire scene was absolutely hilarious. The best part was when she was grossed out about eating it, not because she didn’t want to eat bread and meat out of her ass, she said she doesn’t like hot dogs and asked for a bratwurst

"see "Kelly 'Fuckin Sore' Wells' Tijuana Anal Donkey Show Part 13" and "Kelly 'Fuckin Prolapsed' Wells' Shit Hits the Fans Scathouse Part 6" in 2008"

Kelly Wells will do anything...

"Besides whatever was wrong with her before, she now has a stretched-out asshole"

Hello Kelly I am a big fan of yours, I am wandering will you ever do an anal scene with Mandingo, and will you be willing to do an another Buttwoman mainly 1 on one

"Kelly Wells has murdered more sperm than condoms"

"always enjoy watching kelly's asshole fall out"

"my ultimate fantasy is some dirty A2M with Kelly"

"She's the perfect anal pornstar"

"Satan: "Even I'M freaked out by her""

"she is ugly and her anus is gross"

"Go go go Kelly. I want to see a Kelly triple anal"

"she's not gunna shit right for about a month"

"this female is stupid as hell turn the sound off"

She seems to have disappeared and I can't find anything confirming she left the industry or went back to being a "Street Walker" as she would say

"kelly wells is desperate for crack"

she obviously had some drug and mental problems

"someone needs to beat the shit out of her, then she will be happy"

Her pupils seemed fantastically dilated in many of her latter scenes

"im still laughing at this females intellegence level ...i got dumber from watching this"

In her scene for "Meat Holes," she went somewhere else

"this chick is a monster"

Her histrionics became so pronounced that her scenes became weird

"Kelly's mouth running overboard with stupid talk"

I also like the Taylor Rain/Kelly Wells position, on her back ankles behind the head or ears, and the feet in the rabbit ears position. Taylor and Kelly knew how to offer up their Asses, to be used to the fullest

"porn seems to attract misfits and damaged women"

"her parents must be proud of her"

Ms. Wells's histrionics increasingly detracted from her scenes as her career progressed

"she is a ugly woman"

"cocaine's a hell of a drug"

"she is dead ugly and i guess her pussy will smell 2!"

"I hear she's already using Depends diapers, and often keeps a large butt plug in place when wearing tight fitting clothes. That way she can shit whenever she wants by pulling out the plug"

"Cheap bitch! She'd be doin' this nasty shit for free"

"The insanity comes across the screen a bit too much for me!"

"Credit to her, she's made a lot of money from her asshole"

"dumb as a box of rocks!"

"Kelly says the most insane things while being ass fucked like, "fuck that worthless ass like you own it" and "wreck my asshole", etc. etc."

"It would be funny as shit if a bunch of bee's came up and stung her ass with all that honey..."

"My favorite scene is where shes getting fucked in the ass with her hands behind her head and the dude lifts her up and shows her gaping ass"

"a used up whore"

"stupid whore"

"She'll do anything for money. I'm waiting for a video where they pry her mouth open and pour hot cooking oil in her throat which she can then vomit and funnel back into her ass farting back out ontop a stove then make some french fries"

I'd be surprised if she could stop hollering long enough to give a BJ

"that lady is too noisy"

She started quacking straight away when the guy only had put his cockhead in her mouth, it was kinda hilarious. She was a great anal performer also

"SHES SUCHA DIRTY WHORE!..usually porn is intriguing shes just fuckin disgusting...who shoves hotdogs and strawberries up their asses?!..if you have to be fucked up on drugs to fuck she obviously doesnt like what she does"

I Love Kelly Wells...... Great actor, Her best rolls are with Max Hardcore...

I just saw one of her porns for the first time....She looked so doped out and disgusting..

Kelly would do anything huh? What a pig!

there is something wrong.....porn seems to attract misfits and damaged women

scat sex is too much... but she could facesit me and curse like a bitch

i just saw a video with her throwing up on her face during oral 3 times. she'll do anything

What a foul mouthed, skanky, dirty whore.........  Marry me

I watched one of her videos and in the video she said im not even a person im just a fuck hole. damn she realy is a whore

she is Jewish. Her real name is Jessica Lee Walls. I met her at a convention in Las Vegas

proper hardcore shit she dose,she wont let a guy shit on her but she will let 20 odd guys spunk over her face and in anoughter porno swollow 20 more and anoughter let 10 odd guys gangbang her in all holes a bit conterdictory

did she not get sick afterwards?

In another scene, Max Hardcore impetuously rubbed his graveolent asshole all over Kelly Wells' face, she vigorously ate his fetid shit smelling crack like it was tiramisu, he periodically yanked her up by the hair and spat in her face only to resume the throat pumping. Quacking and a slobbering mess of clown-ish make up and runny mascara, her hair was drenched with urine and upchuck. Kelly looked like a water logged rat. She sucked back up the egesta that collected in a punch bowl

anyone seen the vid where she sounds like a chipmunk?

Kelly is the go - to whore for the realization of the most luridly atrocious sexual fantasies. In my estimation, she has suckled more than 2,000 cocks because in addition to her prolific film career, she avails her private services for a exigious fee. We have to agree that while porn has facilitated the exploitation of many abused girls that were seeking escape of some sort; Kelly is the superlative slutty specimen merely doing what she is destined to do, her acumen for gorging her orifices show


hahahahaha must be a flash back from all those years in the Cock-us-is (Caucasus Mountains) those neanderthal genes shining through!!!!!!!

I love the way she drool, grunt and squeak lie a horny whore pig. She earns so much money with her fucking asshole. I love the color of her asshole. The Pinky-Stinky-Hole!!!!

God this chick is obiviously a dope fiend....

have you heard some of the shit that comes from her mouth.... like ILL TATOO YOUR NAME ON MY ASS..... (SLAPS HER OWN ASS).... THIS ASS IS YOURS... to "PRAISE GOD FOR THESE 2 C0CKS YOU CANT FIND THESE AT THE STORE" man id pay to be her psychologist

she'sdoing things I'll never do. Yes. I felt sick afterward

Love Kelly, she gapes like a champ

It turned me on when she told Mandigo that his nuts smell good. First sex scene I've saw her in and I'm even more hot on her despite she has sex with other men for 300 an hour

SHES SUCHA DIRTY WHORE!..usually porn is intriguing shes just fuckin disgusting...who shoves hotdogs and strawberries up their asses?!..if you have to be fucked up on drugs to fuck she obviously doesnt like what she does

Kelly Wells is still an escort!!! You can find her on City of Pink for 800/hr

Crazy Irish chick......she's proably the most insane in porno land. Gonna wonder what's going on inside of that pretty head of hers....I dig her work though.Not the type you would marry....love to see her on a therapist's couch.....man she's got serious issues......

She's the double anal champ. Well it would be between her an Audrey Hollander, but in my opinion Kelly is hotter

She can suck a dick, I love to watch her gaping ass. My favorite scene is where shes getting fucked in the ass with her hands behind her head and the dude lifts her up and shows her gaping ass

Credit to her, she's made a lot of money from her asshole

Kelly is just the worst whore around, i fucking jack off to this bitch all the time

Nothing shocks this whore. I would like to pay her the 2 grand, fuck her silly and just see how depraved and dirty I could go before she would say stop. I could probably think up some really twisted shit

she is dead ugly and i guess her pussy will smell 2!


let this swine gag on my dong

I do find Kelly Fucking Wells to be hot, in all her dirty nasty glory

I am watching a scene right now with Kelly and Max Hardcore, she gagged up a few liters of thick saliva sucking on his undersized prick, then she drank a bucket load of old man piss only to retch up yellow puke all over herself. Now she has a gag ball in her mouth with a red dildo and both of Max's hands all the way up her asshole - Kelly is a true masochist; she obsequiously takes the most brutal and perverted sexual beatdowns with great exuberance - she is my all time favorite performer

she shit on herself in a scene? What scene was that and where can I find it? hahaha

Kelly's BJ scene with Brandon Iron in 50 to 1, Part 3 is scorching hot and oddly disturbing. Her verbal banter goes so over the top at one point that even Brandon starts laughing

"OH hell yeah, I'd shit on you" this is a dense whore, for 2 grand you are going to be the SHITEE not the SHITTER !- BTW Kelly Wells has done everything imaginable including guzzling piss like lemonade so why the imperiosness about wallowing n turds? She is a licentious prurient

her real name is JESSICA WALL

She's a snawta. Listen to her voice her. Her nose is clogged up

Kelly Wells=Toilet

she's hot -I've never seen a chick take to sperm so enthusiastically then her.I luv it especially when she snorts cum up her nose after farting it out of her ass!Awesome!

Her parents must be proud. "2000 dollars? Fuck yeah I'd shit on you!"

Kelly wells is very sexy but i have seen a couple of her movies and i think she is possessed. Someone needs to do an exorcism on her

I jack off to this chick all the time. I like how she slobbers when she is getting fucked hard in the ass!!!!

What the hell...she will shit on somebody for $2,000....NO FUCKING WAY! That's gross

I like the depravity of all these porn stars. Especially the ass to mouth and the ones that can take 2 fat cocks in their assholes! FUCK YEAH! I'M GOING TO JACK OFF RIGHT NOW!!

If I had sex with her, she would kill me

porn stars don't make much money but if you bang kelly wells you will leave with the clap for sure,and possibly HIV/AIDS

i was watching a video of her with a black dude and she was screaming funny ass shit like "its time for me to pay my does to the black man" i was on the floor with my dick in my hand rollin' lmao that got me outta no where. than just now i was watching a video with her and another nig and she was like "i've been waiting all day to get fucked by huge dick" or watever she myay not be the hottest but dammit she's the funniest and i'd still fuck her sideways

a spoon full of dick boogers helps the cumslut go down


kelly wells i would take your shit any day

I reckon she has 7 different kinds of jizz up both holes 24/7.she has the morals of a crack ho

Litres and litres of white sperm droped by youre fault . Ia lobera you kelly wells


Kelly "The Crack Whore" Wells is a a cheap fucking slut!!! I will give her 100 to suck my dick too!!!! I love it when she get destroyed in her films. it look like that she get raped!!! I will rape her too I don´t know any other pornactress whoe had so much double anal like kelly. she had an anus like a cow!!! lol HAHAHAHA

worthless piece of shit. literally and figuratively

Didn't recognize her without the quart of semen on her face

Max Hardcore said he did EVERYTHING to this bitch and she never complained, she just asked for more. He said he fisted her asshole with 2 hands, spat in her face and blew his nose in her mouth, pissed down her throat and eyes, made her puke all over herself, put an ass plug in her anus, gag ball in her mouth, two 10" rubber cocks plus his both his hands in her puss then made her drink a bowl full of piss, puke and spit

This gal had like 12 abortions since getting into porn

Kelly Wells also just disappeared, I miss her. I hope she and other ex-porn girls are doing alright not stuck in prostitution or worse


"That's where you are full of shit. I may do crazy fuck scenes, and I may have done a couple of Max Hardcore movies in the past, but I am not a dumbfuck, and I won't swallow hot cooking oil"

"I'm very honest. People respect people who are honest in this business. If I was a crack whore in this business and I went to work strictly to pay for my crack habit, and one morning I couldn't fucking wake up for a Red Light scene- let's say I was doing a scene for Vince Vouyer. My call time is ten o'clock and I call him at eight thirty in the morning and go, Vince, I can't make it. Hey, what's wrong? I can say my fuckin' grandma died. But you know somethin'? I got a fucking crack habit. I apologize. That makes me look like a fucking idiot but I would rather be honest from the get go than be a fucking liar and be found out about. Honesty doesn't really get you in trouble. Honesty is the best policy. People may not like what you have to say, but people will always respect you if you tell the truth"

"Vomiting water, and swallowing watered-down piss, double-anal penetration, and fisting are just a few of the things that I have done, but I am not stupid"

"I may a wild whore, but last time I checked my head was screwed on right, and I know that I am definitely not lacking in the intelligence department"

"I usually work every day. I've been working relentlessly so I took a couple of days off. I've been meeting some companies today. But I usually work every day"

"Shit, I have been to hell and back ten times, and I keep getting rejected. Even the devil couldn't tolerate me. All the double-anal scenes I have done keeps him winded enough to keep me OUT of hell as even he is disgusted by me"

"I like pain. Pain is an aphrodisiac. I like to be beat. I won't say strangled but I like to be choked. I like my hair pulled. I just recently developed a fetish for scratching, like scratching my ass, running my fingernails along the inner part of my thighs while I'm getting fucked missionary style. The pain is awesome. It intensifies the sex and the penetration. I really am into pain"

"Do I love to fuck? Yeah, who doesn't. But I get paid well for it. As long as you keep it about business"

"The last time I departed the Gates of Hell the devil remarked, "You don't believe in God, and you don't believe in the devil, but as you stand before the latter, and unbelievably so, even you and I know that your HELL-acious sex acts are enough to get you driven out of the same place in which you fell. I can handle seduction, and adultery, but even double-anally fisted whores are enough disgust for myself to allow your poor soul to reside in my Home known as Hell!""

"I don't go to parties. I don't snort crack or shoot heroin up my arm. I don't party. I don't drink. I sit in and I watch TV. That's the only thing I really can do. I don't really have a lot of time to go out. I suppose if I did, I'd find something else to do besides sitting around and watching TV"

"I do hard scenes whenever I get booked for them. Not everybody shoots the real hard stuff anymore"

"I was doing a movie for Max Hardcore and he really reamed my ass. At that time I didn't know what an enema was, so you can only imagine that I made a mess. I thought I would never do porno again, that I would never do another fucking movie in porn because he was so hard. But afterwards, Max said, hey look, if you can do a scene with me and survive, the rest of porn is a cakewalk. He was right"

"I'm a sick fuck, look at how much cock I can take!"

"Then I worked with Melissa Lauren a couple of months ago and she beat the shit out of me," Wells points out. "But I loved it. I went home with bruises and welts and marks all over my body. I said you know what? It takes a special kind of somebody to take some shit like this"

"If you're shooting gonzo, that's hardcore lovemaking or you can call it whatever you want. But save the soft shit for home. If you want to be hardcore, you got to keep it in one place and one place only or you'll burn out on both ends"

"Either you're turned off by porn or you're going to be turned on by porn after a Max Hardcore scene. I was turned on by it because at that point I knew that if I could fucking deal with that ass reaming and that hardcore shit, that I could take anything after that"

"lay that black pipe in my rectum"

"I like to be teased a little. I don't like to talk dirty. I don't like to have to do the work. I like it when the guy takes control and he makes love to you. That's what I like"

"It's not so much the money any more. It's fame- that's what I want more than anything. I want recognition. And like any good porn whore, or porn star, whatever you want to call them, everybody who's good at what they do needs recognition"

"My pussy is so small that to do double vag would make my pussy hurt for hours afterwards. I can do a double anal with no problem. But if I do a double vag scene, the end of the day I feel like I've had a baseball bat shoved up my pussy with no consideration"

"Being able to take just about anything and not fuckin bitch about it. I never bitch about it. I can't describe to you sometime how much it hurts to take two cocks in my ass. But once you do it more than once, it gets easier every time after that. It's like having sex for your first time. That's what it's like to do your first double anal. It's awful. Then after that it gets easier and you fuckin' love it."

"I love double anal. I love D.P.s. Sometimes I love double anals better than D.P.s"

"I need cock my every waking moment"

"I'm starving for the taste of my own ass!"

"Walk all over me like the piece of shit I am"

"I am a nasty cunt what do u expect... I am an Indignat whore punish my ass... Feed that ass some protein..."
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"Czech prostitute for foreign cock. Nothing new"

"I think I'm gonna puke. Have fun with this garbage.."

"When Julie Silver ISNT making movies, shes just a hooker in Prague, like 90% of the other Czech porn stars. 75 Euro for 30 mins"

"what a body this blonde has -- she needs to be gang banged in her ass by black cocks every day"


"my cock stands to salute you julie silver..."

"I love the shit-eating grin she gives while eating cock..."

"a true olympian with a rockin body full of filth and fury"

"This poor woman just cant seem to get enough cock up her butt. Three might do it for her"

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"that´s her specialty - ass wrecking sex"

"white guy needs to leave -- julie only wants black cock in her ass"

"julie trying to set world record on how many black cocks she can take in the ass"

"Wow, that's a nice big and loose pooper. I might ever be able to fit my dick in that one"

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"how long did it take to train this whore?"

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"A busted out asshole weeping tears of cum"

"Fucked the living shit out of her. Literally"

"I'd love to cum in this bitch's ass and let her clean my cock with her mouth"

"I hope i end up in the same mental institution as she will...."

"Damn, I got to start hanging weights to stretch my tongue, I want to lick Julie's tonsils through her ass and pussy"

"most of her scenes are dp. i wish she would do a 50 guy cream pie gang bang or bukkake or both at once"

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"can u tell shes done some coke before"

"She is gunna need asshole replacement surgery after that"

"Asshole looser than pussy. She works hard at this"

"Do all these anal sluts clean out their buttholes beforehand? I would hate to dick-ram a poopy butthole"

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"this is epic anal sex -- bet she couldnt take a shit for 2 days"

"euro girls are so nasty! they have looser holes they are way past us in fisting and anal they take bbc so well"

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"the only hole left not stuffed was her nostrils,she's good"

'Famous' Porn Stars Who Have Done Bi Scenes? Bimaxx has loads of hot Eurochicks doing it including my all time favorite, Julie Silver doing the very first episode, Bimaxx #1

"she's a double anal queen. i've never seen any girl doing so many DAPs"

Who has the tightest asshole in porn? Julie Silver

"Julie is the best Anal-whore. She needs two big dicks deep in her fucking ass.In the next future, i want to see her taking three or more cocks by the analway.It must be possible to destroy this czech asshole!!!"

***Rocco Siffredi's 5 Greatest Videos*** The boat orgy is great, Rocco repeatedly makes Judy White suck his very filthy cock fresh out of Julie Silver's ass and it is just mindblowingly nasty. This is followed by all the black guys Rocco hangs with storming the chicks and DPing them into submission

Julie Silver is simply amazing and she has done many IR ANAL DP scenes

"that ass was made for double anal"

BBC Interracial Double Anal? Julie Silver - 4 x 4 The Leather & Lace Gang Bang 4

"She'll do anything for a few hundred euros"

I have only seen two interracial double anals, where the girl takes two big black cocks in the ass, i think it was Alysa in the movie Hardcore Climax if i remember it right, and one with Julie Silver. And it really impressed me, has anyone else taken two black cocks up the ass?

"The sofa is ruined, and so is her ass"

Julie Silver is my all time favorite. Her beautiful face, gorgeous tits, ass and long legs just put me away. I used to think Silvia Saint was the most beautiful girl to do porn until I discovered Julie. My favorite scene that shows Julie's fun personality is Russian Institute Lesson 4 where Ellen Saint is the good girl and Julie is the bad girl taking a singing lesson. Julie's mocking of Ellen's singing prior to the start of the action is pretty funny

"julie sylver is very beautyful with a dick in her ass"

Brandon recently re-released Intensities in 10 Cities on his VOD site. In this DVD our heroine and my avatar Julie Silver appears. This is before she got her nose fixed and her teeth are crooked. Her hair is held back in with a bobby pin like a very young woman's, which she was then. But she is totally cute, funny, teasing and charming. Yep I do want to marry her

"This is what causes AIDS and HIV"

One Sineplex DVD that I still pop into the computer is Gooey Buns 7 with Julie Silver. In her scene Julie licks out semen from another woman's prolapsed anus. Very romantic really

"I was surprise when all men came in her ass and didn't care about the others creampie"

Here is a YouTube clip of Julie Silver being interviewed probably by Pierre Woodman who thankfully does not appear. In the clip Julie describes her worst experience in porn which was getting shit in her mouth after dirty ATM. I had said I wanted to marry Julie after seeing that clip

"Lick the shit stain you fucking whore !!!Next time i fuck a girl in the ass im gonna make 'er suck the fecal excretions out of my dick... oh yeah.. they like the taste of it"

"haa it was a mix most def. brown in it"

The mother of all DVDs for me though is Cum Filled Asshole Overload. Julie Silver in her absolute prime appears. Julie is tall, thin with perfect C/D cup breasts. In her scene, she takes five loads of semen up her ass from the likes of Eric Everhard, Steve Holmes, Robert Rosenberg and Dillon. She then lies on her back to spew it all out. At one point the discharge turns brown, so our heroine sticks two figures up her ass the catch the stained liquid and puts it in her mouth. Good girl!

"is that his sperm or her assjuice????"

"so nasty she ate that shit stain"

"we need more woman like that in the world"

"DAP ain't gay if your banging a hot chick, its amazing. Julie is a true champ"

"she's fucking awesome... but I don't think I can stick my cock in her asshole at the same time another cock is in there... seems kind of gay"

"she is high on some drug"

Too many over-sypathetic winy losers on here complaining that she is getting her asshole abused in scenes need to shut the fuck up and stop watching her if they cant handle the truth.....she loves what she does....Nobody is putting a gun to her head and telling her to take 3 dicks in her ass. She's an intelligent being who happens to enjoy hardcore sex and thats it

that scene with 5 guys, they are all black

she can even deep throat black cocks down to the root, it turns me on so much

she is dead

I also adore this womans beautiful, capable asshole. Also has outstanding natural tits, and blowjobable lips. Wish she didn't get the plastic surgery on her face though, liked her better before


Man it must suck for her if she eats indian or mexican food. Must be impossible to hold in it


Julie Silver and Luisa Demarco are busy fingering each other's tight asshole, trying to loosen them up for the big hardcore FFM threesome that's about to happen, beginning with the brunette bending over, while the guy pokes his finger into her brown eye, before sliding his dick inside, while you check out her partially shaved box before her ATM

Blonde cutie, Julie Silver is walking outdoors when she comes across a group of guys, standing in a yard. She stops and asks them if they would like to lick her shaved pussy, feel her big hooters, fuck her snatch, penetrate her asshole and let her give them handjobs and blowjobs, during a hardcore gangbang! After they agreed, they all gave her a bukkake

Julie Silver takes three big black cocks on at once in this hardcore XXX scene. Call it a chocolate shake in the making, this blonde shows these straight up gangstas that she can take every inch of dick they lay out and she will leave the party wanting more. A true world class whore, Julie is worth a place in your permanent collection

Anal queen Julie Silver takes the cock hard and deep, having several assgasms and giving her partner several good squeezes with each convulsion. Julie spreads wide and takes the meat in every possible position until that rod is totally drained dry

Julie Silver is an incredible slut, always hungry for dick and pushing the boundaries of what she considers extreme. Now she isn't satisfied unless she's getting two dicks at the same time, and she especially loves it when the camera comes in for a closeup of her asshole gaping

Julie Silver is one gal who always takes things to extremes. She gets her tight ass stuffed with dick as her pussy is getting rammed by another. Julie likes her sex nasty and raunchy and very wet, and these guys shower her with ball batter when they're done double stuffing her

Julie Silver can always be found when there are massive dicks waiting to be serviced. She always insists on getting reamed with the hugest stunt cocks and her hungry holes are just gaping in anticipation of this threeway fuck. With her mouth and ass stuffed, she's still not satisfied. It will take a double cum facial to make her happy

Julie Silver's holes gape wide as her two boyfriends climb on top of her and give her all they've got. They stuff her mouth and fuck her from behind, then get that sandwich going. Julie loves getting double stuffed and, more than that, double creamed

Check out blonde Eurobabe Julie Silver before her boobs grew out and she was just a fresh, eighteen-year-old Czech babe who hadn't had many black guys in her life. This guy had such a long cock, he could practically fuck her from across the room!

Would you like to slide your dick into Julie Silver's ass? She's got her butt in the air and she's waiting, cheeks spread and asshole puckered tight. Press the head of your dick against it and feel the pressure give as you slowly slide inside. Now start pumping, because she'll only be satisfied if you give her a hardcore reaming!

No anal feature would be complete without busty blonde anal quene Julie Silver. This sweetie really knows how to work a pair of cocks. She's done more double penetration scenes than she can remember, and her ass is always aching for more fucking

Julie Silver is another anal queen who has the capacity to swallow up big cocks and take the double stuffing like a champ. She likes sucking cock but what gets her really excited is having two erect penises double parked in her seat

Julie Silver's a prison guard who is intimately familiar with the cocks of all her charges, and tonight she's in the mood to dress up a thick on in some lingerie and fishnets and have her way with him! This fetish scene has Julie tossing out her cigarette and replacing it with a thick cock, smoking his pole until she wants it deep in her ass!

Julie Silver is a tasty blonde from the Czech Republic and she loves to fuck. This Eurobabe likes to get her ass stuffed with sausage before she swallows the cum that spurts out of it. Julie gets shown a good time and has never looked better!

Julie Silver is another anal queen from Eastern Europe. Julie is a blonde with big tits and a body just made for porn. She brings passion to every scene she does, and she doesn't hold back in this double penetration scene with Manuel and Steve

Julie Silver is an anal queen and one of the most experienced girls in the business when it comes to taking multiple cocks in her orifices at the same time. That's why we called her to be the point girl in this all-Eurobabe orgy. The sex was so hot in this scene, we had to turn on the air conditioner!
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pornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond repute

ABOUT SANDRA ROMAIN (Aliases: Sandra Mertz, Sandra Romaine, Mrs Romaine, Mistress Sandra Romain, Marioara, Mary, Mari, Maria, Maria Popescu, Anais, Michaela, Sandra Roman):


"How many miles of dick has been in that ass over the years?"

Sandra Romain has done 327 anal scenes!

"stinky romanian slut"

She's not human, she's an ancient sexual goddess!

"Nothin better than a girl who will clean your asshole"

I just saw the trailer. Sandra is being trumped by her little sister. Sandra only gets one cock in her ass

"BAM BAM BAM!nice ass but ugly face"

Sandra's butt is still shear perfection one of the greatest asses (and assholes) in porn's history

"she is THE butterface"

"she might have been sexually abused as a child"

"that's how you fuck a freak like that..pull her hair smack her ass..and make her taste her ass..when she has taken enough...pipe up that ass..."

"check out the sore on her lower lip!"

"She likes it in her pussy, but LOVES it in her ass"

"rosalba Neri looks like sandra romain"

"Sandra, on the other hand, ALWAYS looks like a depraved tramp"


"she is such a fuckin stupid slut!"

"she farts in his ugly face"

"what a yack face that sandra romain"

I was amazed to see that Sandra Romain has done 327 anal scenes, unfortunately just 5 anal creampies though

"She can't speak English, but she can fuck"

Sandra's ass still looks pristine after years of anal sex. I've never scene her ass wrecked after a scene, it always looks nice and tight. Never sloppy or rosebuding

"They get all high on coke, crystal meth"

Sandra has done fever daps compared to audrey hollander, Audrey has done dap 68 times and Sandra "only" 52 times

"I'd have no mercy for your holes, sandra"

Sandra Romain's anal record probably won't stand for long. Katja Kassin is about to catch up and get ahead of Sandra Romain. I can only hope that Sandra Romain is watching what's going on. And that she won't stand idly by, while Katja Kassin is breaking her anal record. If Sandra Romain comes out of her retirement too, then she'll probably win the anal competition against Katja Kassin again


ultimate anal queen though is sandra romain aka ms. triple anal!

"have you seen a video where she farts in it?"

Sandra Romain's little sister Alice did a gangbang with dv and dap (in one of her first scenes)

"i heard that sandra and her husband wants to open a hotel that big reason why she fuckes and is a pornstar fucking cunt husband letting her wife fuck thousent of men and they say romainen girls are not lose"

I just saw a scene with Sandra Romain's sister, Alice, who just as the before mentioned does double anal. Which is something even less common. I mean, come on, who's thoughts doesn't go right away to an abusing father, a molesting uncle, a prostitute mother or something like that? What are the odds that two perfectly happy women would consider their assholes being taken advantage of in such a way. Off course it's a fetish or a exhibitionistic side from some, but in the same family, to expose themselves like this with nothing behind it, who is that naive?

"she's a freak, with a tore up asshole"

She's like an animal in heat in most scenes


Sandra was the gape queen too

"i wouldn't be surprised if you could find her on one of those Euro escorting sites for ~$1000..."

I like seeing sandra romain slap the shit outta someone

"She'll be dead before she's 30"

Even Sandra Romain, the undisputed queen of DAPs, started doing her DAPs with the horny guys only in her 10th anal film

"some serious animal shit"

Sandra Romain's wild anal antics right from the start of her porn career only made her a very popular anal queen among porn fans. She ended up performing in over 500 films

"should play in horse porn"

The only performers I know that often laugh is Sandra Romain in numerous movies; Gangbang auditions and her boundgangbang scene for Kink

"she had alcohol and prescription drugs problems"

some performers like Sandra Romain have a superresistant assholes, Sandra's ass always look normal and tight no matter that she was/is (in her latest kink scene) double anal and anal queen back in the days. Even Belladonna was amazed of Sandra's asshole in evil pink 3 "that ass looks like it's never been fucked"

"Long live Romania!"

I think the Sandra Romain triple anal was 2 cocks and a dildo. I don't count that as triple anal. I count that that as double anal plus dildo

"love the way her asshole cums"

There's scene in which the dom Sandra Romain makes Sammie Rhodes (sub) sniff her ass and pussy

"I would smash the shit out of her"

If anyone watched the Woodman Casting video, Sandra did most of the talkiing in the interview. Along with the revelation that there could be a third sister who could get into porn. Sandra made a shocking to even Pierre based on his surprise reaction that Alice's first lesbian sex was with her(Sandra). Sandra was so no big deal while discussing it. I hope that they will end up in scenes together since they are obviously comfortable with one another. Hopefully they can play around like the Stevens sisters or Potter twins. Would love to see these two hot sisters in a scene together. Would love to see them doing "The First Sister Anal Gangbang" and they interact with eachother. That would be amazing. I must say Sandra is an amazing performer and very hot, but I like Alice because of her amazing rack a little more. Her face isn't as pretty as Sandra's but I like her body more. Also she looks better on video than in pics. Hopefully we'll get a long hot career from Alice and a long comeback for Sandra. Love the Romain Sisters!

"I really like to see about three or four big black horse dicks fucking all her holes..I especially like seeing her take in the ass..but man she takes a lot of dick juice to that pretty face of hers..she a good whore..she's made my big dick hard many times...!!!!!"

Sandra never got a wrecked asshole or rosebud from years of hardcore anal sex with 100's of cocks

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"damn i love dem phath ass ho's"

"too bad about her face"

"she retired, moved back to Romania, and supposedly bought a farm to live on"

"was that a wet fart right in his mouth?"

"fucked-up face"

"Fuckin filthy shank whore slut!! I LOVE HER!"

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"thats disgusting. whore"

"Sandra Romain=Jerk Off Right Now!!!"

"That girl is a killing machine. Great eyes, great body, tanned skin, she's taking it everywhere, that's fabulous. But she will become my ultmate favorite the day she'll do a bukkake. Her face full covered of cum. That is what I'm expecting from her.
Go Sandra, go !"

"crazy guy, masturbate with her hair"

"She made quite a good escape from Porn, from what I heard, she is married with kids and owns some hotel in Romania and makes really good money.."

"fuck her mouth to keep the bitch from talkin!"

"shes on some heavy ass drugs?"

"Too bad her face is so nasty"

"she is a fuck animal!"

"ugly romanian crack whore"

"she talks mad shit"

"Sandra, we thank you for the erotic entertainment, but we beg you to please (please!) consider the basic tenets of lasting rectal health"

"oh shit what a sick bitch, shes like an animal!"

"Nasty skank bitch"

"i wouldnt mind her shitting on me"

"the anal queen and double anal queen tied with audrey hollander. sandra is the third best porn star of all-time in my books. excellent dp, double anal, dirty talking and slapping"

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"she has a few skin blotches on her face"


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"romania shoud be proud of her"

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"Sandra cannot be tamed. She takes any and all. Limitless pussy"

"hot body but an ugly face"

"shes the one who should be in the straitjacket HAHAHAHA"

I know its gonna sound crazy. But i want to know is there any leading female pornstars who have done ass to mouth from a guys ass, like in strap on sex. I have seen a video of lauren phoenix, sandra romain and erik everhead, in which she finger his ass and suck it, sandra does the same

"she has a deep asshole...I wish I could have such an asshole as well, and to get banged by Lex"

In "Angel Perverse 24", Sandra Romain rims Christoff Clark while he is standing bending over and again on his back with his legs up

"Swallows a buch of strangers cum like a true professional whore. nice"

I love Sandra Romain's scene in x-rated, where she's locked up in a dog cage like a sexual animal masturbating with two dildos and gets let out of the cage by the guys. (and yes I'm obsessed with Sandra)

"Sandra Romain is such an extraordinary sex warrior: she can take on two swordsmen at the same time, with just her asshole"

"she probably shits rabbit sized turds"

"fake screams"

"she did enjoy her work and all the anal scenes"

"this girl is so disgusting"

"Thats it baby...Lick that fuckin' asshole!"

"she has returned to Romania with her hubby to open a hotel (a long held Dream)"

"two dicks touching each other is fucking gay i hate porn like that . 2 dicks, 1hole = gay"

"This girl don't respect herself, it's an insult for women"

"damn !!!! Sandra Romain is THE anal Queen equal with Kelly Wells"

"human toilet paper cunt whore"

Dedicated Porn Stars probably dont get much love from family and normal friends. Her friends are probably mostly other Porn Stars. Odd lifestyle

ive seen a videow hen sandra romain farts

She made quite a good escape from Porn, from what I heard, she is married with kids and owns some hotel in Romania and makes really good money..She certainly set herself some smart goals while doing porn, knowing after that she will need to do something productive otherwise she would end up like most porn stars. Not like most porn stars, spending all their money on drugs, and really 85% of them end up druggies and commit suicide..

i wouldnt mind her shitting on me

She looks tired and unhappy. She got bored. This is the life of a Porn Star

She is not happy. What a lousy time to record this poor woman


Sandra Romain was supposed to just give this patient his meds but she decided she could cure him faster than any doctor ever could. By offering up her warm asshole she coaxed the patient out of bed and by the time he gave her a facial he was feeling well enough to head home!

Three-knuckling her friend's asshole is how Melissa Lauren likes to spend her Saturday afternoons... especially when it's Sandra Romain taking it deep. Sandra is quick to fight back by gag-fingering her best friend forever. These girls are whores!

Sandra Romain thinks anal sex is for amateurs. A pro whore ought to be able to handle getting her holes DPed instead. Here she lets two big cocks seek and destroy her colon and her cervix at the same time! Watch closely and see if you can hear her holes scream!

Sandra Romain smiles wide for the camera with a classic Sandra Romain gape. Watch her squeal in pleasure as she gets her ass destroyed

Romaniacs will want to start downloading this one right away! Sandra Romain goes all out with one of her only double-anal penetrations ever! Her asshole is overflowing with 2 dicks at once!

Liz Honey and Lora Croft and Sandra Romain line up to have their asses inspected before laying into some serious group sex. You know you've stumbled onto something really special when a chick begs to have two cocks in her rectum before sucking down a hard earned shot of sperm

Sandra Romain loves deep sex and quite frankly she could care less which hole you choose to use. With your cock in her throat she'll even try to take a bite out of the Apple if you put your ball bag too close to her face!

It's hard to imagine, but it's true. Sandra Romain may be in this scene but she is not the main star of the show. She takes one of the biggest, thickest monster cumshots ever filmed... right into her dirty mouth. The cumshot is the star, Sandra is just the swallower!

John Strong loves to fuck Sandra Romain's ass. In this scene he uses Mary Anne's mouth like a car-wash for his cock, allowing her to help lube his piston every time he pumps it in and out of Sandra's rectum. The snowballed load at the end is fantastic as well

She looks great smiling with a face full of cum, but don't get too close. The one bad thing about Sandra Romain is her breath. Normally it's minty fresh, but she did so much ass licking and rimming in this filthy scene that her mouth stank worse than the sperm all over it!
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pornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond repute




"I would love to fuck her in the ass. Even since her gap is so wide, I would make her fart, fart"

"This girl has swallowed more jizz than any other woman in porn"

"Trying to imitate KELLY WELLS?"

"she´s getting fucked in the ass by her step dad"

"she looks like the porn version of ashley tisdale"

"why the hell is that so hot she's disgusting but made me cum in 2 mins"

"i wanna rape her ass"

"she has crack whore tits"

"i want to see her take Rocco up the ass"

"she looks like she's about to prolapse"

"she's high,high as fuck"

"fart on her face"

"Don't make these fucking cuntss breathe gag them till they pass out then throat fuck them some more wtf i need to start doing this porn shit the best part would be I'm a asshole with a 10 inch cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so even if they wanted to talk shit they couldn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"she has been fucked in the ass way to many times. only a retard"

"ive seen all sorts of anal whores like Nikita denise,Belladonna, the russian chicks, andi anderson,you name a chick, they ALL do anal now, etc..etc...they've all been gutted by the biggest dicks in porn, Lex, Rico strong, etc. but Hillary scott and Taylor rain take it to a whole OTHER LEVEL.ive never seen to chicks with such pliant assholes. i mean these chicks get fucked DEEP in their colons and its like, '' just another day at the office''. incredible."

"Someday all that anal action will catch up with her then she'll have to wear depends the rest of her life"

"She should win an oscar for that"

"on meanbitches, she farts in this guys mouth and starts laughing"

"Double anal is the new standard and this girl is leading the way"

"She just might be the greatest Nymphomaniac in the history of Porn"

"Her asshole seems to be the best hole to fuck"

"too bad her boyfriend is a ******"

"i hate this bitch. she is so awful. she never brushes her teeth and that´s why her breath smells like her asshole"

"I would suggest some therapy for hillary, and for anyone that finds this erotic"

"such a fake lil whore"

"hahahhaaha she farted at the end its so funny"

"crack is a helluva drug"

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"She has social anxiety disorder"

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"her pussy is really beat up"

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"she admitted that her first sexual act was to her step-sister at age 11"

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"Hillary on her knees taking Shane in her ass is fucking awesome! Best ass fuck scene ever. Hillary clearly loves it and is in heaven..."


"shes fucking legally retarded"

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"She is amazing - why is she slumming with a circus monkey?"

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stars who have a fetish Hillary Scott - ATM

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any scenes that have a girl choking so hard on a cock that she blows snot/cum bubbles out here nose ? Hillary Scott - Max Hardcore Scene ( The longest Snot Rocket I've ever seen)

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Hillary Scott is a tiny blonde who loves cock in her backside. Later in her career she got implants and changed her look completely. That's important because it's proof that this pump-out was from the start of her sex career!

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She may be petite but there is a surprisingly large amount of room inside the box of Hillary Scott. Like a compact car that seats six comfortably, her cunt can accommodate huge blasts of semen spewed deep against the pink interior upholstery!

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Hillary Scott didn't even bother to fully shave her vagina before this scene because she knew we would be spending most of our time thumping her asshole instead! At the end she gives a great hardcore BJ and drinks a load for the camera! If you didn't love her before this video, you definitely will after you see it!

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Teen twat Hillary Scott went on to have a huge porn career, but back in the days when her holes were still new Sean Michaels was one of the first to stretch them out. Watch him break her in during this awesome fuck-a-thon!

Tiny Hillary Scott is here with her natural tits before the implants. She loves to felch cum out of her ass into a glass so she can recycle it. Watch her drink jizz even though you know where it has been!

Hillary Scott has gone on to become a top tier porn talent as well but this scene from back in the days before she got her implants shows how much she had to learn. Luck for her Brandon Iron was around to train her ass the right way!

Hillary Scott doesn't use public rest-rooms, they use her! Glory Hole girls like Hillary love the chance to suck off three strangers who she never even gets to identify. To a slut like Ms. Scott, not knowing whose dick came in her mouth makes it even hotter!

Hillary Scott is like a lot of pornstars in the fact that she knows how to handle multiple cocks at the same time. What separates her from a lot of the other whores is that she also knows how to handle multiple cumshots. She doesn't just swallow them, she gargles them for a while first!


"Well, I'm kind of a pot-head"

"The first day I went to Amsterdam I started doing shrooms"

What's up with this whole asshole bleaching thing, anyways? Are you into it? "I don't need it. I have a nice little pink, puckered asshole. But I think it's more for the girls who have the brown asshole, and it kind of always looks like they didn't wipe all the way. So, I don't need the anal bleaching"

"I wanted to be a movie star and here I am"

"Yes, I'm a stoner. I smoke pot"

"I´m not playboy material. I´m the girl next door that likes her throat to be fucked and her asshole to be gaped material"

"Double anal and beer enemas. Yay!"

"Kimberly puts a full beer bottle in my ass at one point. I learned that it is a great way to get drunk fast and have an assgasm at the same time!! Incredible!"

"Say it with joy. Say it with pride. I'm a dirty whore!"

"it may appear that I'm a nice innocent girl, but inside, I'm kind of a dirty whore!"

"I'm submissive so I get off on having multiple guys jerk off on my face. It makes me feel slutty and degraded and I get off on that. I know it's fucked up and I have no justification for that. I can just tell you that I don't think I'm crazy and I've never been abused. I like watching this in porn because I imagine it's me. I can't speak for guys watching this as I am female..."

"I rarely look at a guy's face during sex. I just watch the cock go in my holes. I also don't kiss men very often"

"I have trouble sometimes finding a use for a man aside from his penis. But I do love the penis, don't get me wrong"

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"I usually date older guys"

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What are your requirements for sleeping with a guy? "When I'm not getting paid to do it? Any large cock. I won't accept anything else"

What was the fateful decision that put you on the road to pornography? "I've fantasized about it since I was eleven and my mom put my cable in my room and I watched Cinemax late at night. I was so frustrated [that they wouldn't show penetration]. I fantasized about what it would be like to be naked and f--- in front of a whole crew of people"

"I love the sex, money and attention"
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Biggest cock in anal scene? Victoria Sin - Splittin That Shitter

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Mckenzee Miles and Victoria Sin get some hard cock stuffing their faces. You'd think it was Thanksgiving from the looks on their faces as they gobble down that big meat and watch each other in admiration, deep throating and coaxing massive amounts of jizz to spurt out of their lovers' cocks

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Victoria Sin rides her lover's cock like a cowgirl and keeps him happy by sucking his schlong and slurping all the cum he splashes on to her gorgeous face. Victoria really knows how to keep the action hot and nothing turns her on more than some heated anal sex

Like a fine musical instrument, Victoria Sin plays her box harmonica and hits every high note. After hearing her twat trumpet sound the start of the race Phil Gash gets in on the action and forces the pace right up to the sticky finish line

Victoria Sin is a sinner indeed. The first thing she thinks about when she wakes up in the morning is how she's going to get a cock stuffed in her ass by the end of the day. Good thing for her she's a porn star and can get a lifetime's supply of cock and cum, and get paid for it, too!

How do you make Brian Surewood really happy? Tell him Victoria Sin is in town and she wants to use her asshole to wear his finger like it was a wedding band! He pokes her deep enough to touch her tonsils and that primes her pumps for quality ass fucking!

Gorgeous German slut Victoria Sin takes another big cock inside her snatch and in her slippery ass hole. Check her out as she blows her boyfriend in the kitchen, then spreads wide on the dining table for some hot anal sex and gets a creamy ass creampie

Victoria Sin knows a thing or two about getting stuffed with a big cock and taking it up the ass without wincing. She shows us how to get a cock to stand to attention and slide it into her poop chute with ease. She says the trick is proper lubrication with spit

Victoria specializes in two guy calls. She shows up and bends herself in half just so they can play log jam with her asshole until her insides are tied in knots

Victoria Sin definitely has a body that was built for sinning. Today she has agreed to show the world what she's made of. We have her take on four black cocks at the same time. She plays ring around the dick, a game she invented where she takes quarter turns in a circle sucking each of the dicks that get put into her mouth

Victoria Sin tries fucking herself while she lays passively on her back until she gets frustrated. When Vic really wants to cum she knows she needs to be on her knees and elbows so she can reach back and really power-fuck her own asshole with extra force and a lot of lube!

Luscious Euro brunette Victoria Sinistra wants to try a double penetration and that's exactly what we give her, and then some. Our guys start by licking her slit and then tag teaming her on the diving board, then they fuck her airtight right over the water and give her a double dose of ball batter

Victoria Sin comes from Germany, where there aren't a whole lot of black guys to fill her needs. She's always excited to get it on with a pair of ebony studs who can stretch her holes out and give her some satisfaction that she can only get from their big cocks

If you like 'em thin and petite then little spinner Victoria Sin is for you. Victoria is so tiny, she looks like she might get blown over by a stiff breeze. All the better if you like to sit her on your cock and spin her around. You wouldn't think a little gal like her could take two cocks in her at once, but you'll see she can handle it just fine

Sexy nurse Victoria Sin couldn't wait to get her hands on her latest patient. He had a hard cock that she knew could stuff her holes and give her some satisfaction. After 69ing him, she got on all fours and let him into her back door until his cock was erupting

Vic Sinister is ready to party. And her idea of a party is having a big hard cock dipping in every orifice possible. After we find her playing with herself, she turns her attention to the meat at hand and gets her snatch and ass pounded hard

Victoria Sin's inflated chest only emphasizes what a depraved little babe she is. This cutie from Germany has a huge appetite for huge cocks, and she surrenders her puckered little poop chute for the piston-pumping action of James Deen

Vic Sinistra isn't everyone's cup of tea, but she's got an inherent sexiness and a taste for all kinds of dirty sex that have guys lining up at her door. She loves taking it up the ass and asks her costar to plug her anally, and she moans in pleasure at the hard backdoor banging she receives

At her absolute prettiest moment Victoria Sin reaches the pinnacle of her porn career in this clip. She has movie star good looks until she is taken inside the house so her body can be turned inside out. From model to meat to under an hour!

Anytime Victoria Sin is feeling down, she comes to us and asks us to put her in a scene with the most hung actor we have available. Today was her lucky day and we had Lee Stone with his 10 inch rod available to stuff in her ass and spray a load of cum all over her perfect face

Victoria Sin takes another double penetration stuffing until she loses count of the number of times she's cum. She loves going all the way with the guys and having two big dicks stuffing her pussy and her ass at the same time gets her off

Victoria Sin is now convinced that a black cock isn't any different than other cocks that she's had before, it's just bigger, harder, and it's going to rip her pussy wide open. She even offers up her tiny pink asshole and starts to get it on with two ebony guys at once, allowing them to use her and penetrate her tight holes at once

Even in her starter scene Victoria Sin was anally special. Ben English does all he can to make her quit by dipping his shaft balls-deep in her brand new porn asshole. Still, Victoria soldiers onward toward the cumshot not wavering and never quitting!

Victoria Sin has been in a lot of Platinum X Pictures but her performance here in Sperm Smiles Vol. 1 may be her best out of all of them. Tee Reel shoves so much black cock up Victoria's ass that you can see her start to get a visible lump in her throat! The cum hanging off her chin while she smiles is so sweet looking!

Benjamin Bratt wrecks the asshole of Victoria Sin. Seriously, this brunette socket is gonna be out of order for a couple weeks whole she recovers from the anal pounding Benny put on her backside during this thrill-ride!


"I will kick your ass as a Fitness Trainer"

"Euro-trashy Victoria Sinister looks so much like Ariana Jollee that they mighta been cracked outta the same egg, and that’s pretty much all you need to know about this ‘un. Her broken English is a nightmare"

"I was watching erotic television shows. I thought that the girls were having fun. I started to work in porn on the weekends"

"In reverse cowgirl and cowgirl anal Victoria works her tiny but shapely ass over French‘s prick just as good (or better) than Katja Kassin ever could, proving that no, size doesn‘t really matter"

"she was a lawyer's assistant in germany"

Do you family know what you are doing? "No. My sister knows, but no one else"

What about DP? "I like DP. I like that more than just anal"

Do you like anal? "Yes, that's why I still do it in private"

German girls need big dicks right? "That's right"

You mentioned some guys with big dicks, do you like big ones? "Of course. I like to feel something"

Do you have a boyfriend now? "No"

"I did anal with my boyfriend"
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pornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond repute




"looks like young heather graham"

"Well goddamn! Her throat is gonna be sore for a couple days!"

"Miss Chlamydia loves cock from ass to pussy"

"i need to find a whore like this who i can just pound the shit out of, and not have to listen to her owowowowwo shit"

"dumb froggy slut"

"Melissa Lauren suffered from chlamydia twice and once from a serious pelvic inflammatory disease due to her ventures in the porn industry for which she had to be rushed to france for surgery"

"take that you dumb french slag,ild love to cum in her eyes"

"thats a sick girl"

"I fucked her good and I'm gonna have this damn STD for the rest of my life"

"Almost everything she does that I've seen is either anal or both holes"

Amen to Melissa Lauren in I Wanna Get Face Fucked! She erupts/spits up/pukes (whatever you wanna call it)30 times! It's the wettest scene I've ever scene

"Melissa Lauren = virus infection"

Melissa Lauren used to puke while getting face fucked. Her scene in I Wanna Get Face Fucked is amazing. The whole DVD is full of great face fucking, but I've probably jerked off to the Melissa scene more than any other in my collection

"one time Melissa Lauren did an ass-to-pussy and got an infection"

I have seen a few scenes with Melissa Lauren, and yes, she does seem to have trouble with the swallowing

"she doesn't look like young 20, already look ugly old 30plus"

Melissa Lauren looks like Olivia Wilde

"ugly old bitch"


Hot White Chick who licked black man's ass Melissa Lauren - Animal Trainer #20

not as sexy as a blonde

I can´t understando how some people like this kins of porn...is absolutely filthy!! I like good sex and good porn, not shit like this

smack that bitch!

Imagine picking her up on the street and doing whatever you wanted to her all night long... Those tits look absolutely delicious...

Your "WTF" moments in porn? The look of primal rage/lust in Melissa Lauren's eyes in Service Animals 18 and then in I Wanna Be Face Fucked. Melissa Lauren's incredible gagging/drooling in I Wanna Be Face Fucked


Is it weird that her fake-ass eyebrows piss me right the fuck off?

her voice makes me so horny

i love it when he slaps her in the face

I enjoy it when he is licking her beautiful tight anus

western porn is boring...says "dominated", yet she enjoys each and every part of it...BOOORING!!!

This shit is beyond hot. He should've roughed her up more. Maybe kicked her a few times

She got an oscar for this one right?

herpes is no fun

this made me bust like 20 feet god damn

she smells of fish and dirty sex, and if you see her without her pants, she has this green ooze coming out of her vagina

melissa is kissing an 60 somethin yr old so she kissing a granny gross and melissa has a double chin

What a good pet she is...

love seein' hot bitches gettin violated...fuck yea!

she loves the rough shit, you ever seen some of her hellfire shit?

Melissa Lauren is used like this many in many videos but if i ever meet the ''hard'' motherfucker in this video i will brake his head!

Wow, he treated her like shit. And she's a goddess

I think he could of choked the whore a little longer. Ill give it a 9

Just looking at her work and bio, she obviously has deep metal issues, I saw she tried to stop doing porn but couldn't. I think something must have happpened to her bc she seems really nice, I just hope she gets help. She also looked a lot before the plastic surgery

She needs to take both those cocks up her love holes. And let em blow their loads in her...

I want to destroy her pussy And suck her Wonderful tits

she has a double chin

Great vid. Melissa Lauren has done so many rough scenes she must have psychological damage by now from guys repeatedly using her like a sex object

fuckin stupid slut

the cum eating at the end was nasty good,i liked the guy saying sen it home,loved listening to her gagging when she was trying to keep it down thats what ya get for beeing a dumb french slag

Melissa is one of the finest girls in the freaking world!

nice new tits baby and keep taking 10-inch black cocks up your polish ass

Speak english you fucking german bitch

in the list of sickest stuff melissa lauren has done in her life, this one isn't even in the top 20..that's how big a slut she is..still hot

loved the end when she kept bringing it back up,bet she threw up after dumb french bitch

great bitch! treat her like shit!!

love watching this french slag beeing abused

Her mouth is not for talking. Nobody cares what you think hole. Shut up and take dick you cum receptacle

STD = stanky twat disease

when she fucking eats her own puke of the bathroom floor in between some of the most brutal throat fucking i've ever seen, thats extreme shit for someone as mainstream as lauren. whatever drugs shes on, someone get me some

she is exclusively designed by god to anal sex......

Aww shit, this is the 1st vid i've seen of her before her boob job...she shouldve stayed the way she was!

is that a tampon in her snach

These euro whores will fuck anyone black white whatever. She fucked her career up pretty bad...she's doing webcam shows now

i would give anything to ram my dick up her butthole

yeah bitch...eat vomit bitch, yeah

I love watching all that cum gush out of her mouth. So hot. Then I love how she just walks away back to the car to find her next target

fugly bitch

big ass hips. girl got a butt built to get fucked

she has a skinny white ass that is perfect for black cock

genital herpes

she squirted from her mouth

she's got chlamydia

She is right. Fuck the american pigs!

like her new tits, wish she was still blonde but she's still taking big black cock up the ass nicely

Melissa Lauren = outbreak of gonorrhea

they kicked the shit out of her, I love it!

That slut gave me an STD

Ive seen her get her asshole cleaned out by cock soo many times its mind blowing. All the guys that have been in her ass its a wonder it still closes

she is a whore 100%

i simply loooooooooove this girl! would pay much money only to FUCK her once this way!

best whore in history

man, she has herpes

she got gonorrhea from gang bang

love it when guys choke her with there hands and gag her with there cocks,the french slag loves it


What did your family expect of you? "They found out from somebody else. I didn't know how to tell my parents -- oh, I'm a porn girl now. I started in June. I was interviewed for a TV show in France. They filmed my second scene. It was my first DP (double penetration). It was on TV in September. My father saw that and he called me right away. He said, 'I saw you somewhere on TV. What were you doing there?'"

What do you love and what do you hate about the industry? "I hate the stupid people who are irresponsible and f--- with strangers without condoms, without tests. I hate all the STDs. I hate that most of the girls are f------ drug addicts. I started in porn because I love sex. I wanted to try new things that I didn't do in my private life before. I love that I get to travel and meet new people."

You've got a reputation for doing some extreme stuff on camera. She laughs. "I do. I'm doing what I like. I like rough sex. I like crazy stuff like double anal. I like to perform in films I'd like to watch. I watch a lot of porn. I'm always trying to give my best and do what I think is going to turn on people."

How do you feel after having done double anal? "First, I was scared. I didn't think I could do it. In June, I was in Europe shooting for Platinum X Pictures. It was a two-girl six-guy scene. I just say to the guys -- now, let's do double anal. It went really well, really easy. Some people say it is dangerous because you have more chances to transmit HIV and STDs. I don't think it is more dangerous than doing a cream pie [where multiple men ejaculate inside a woman]."

Have you ever gotten injured from doing porn? "Yeah. Last March, I got a really serious infection. My pussy was really sore, really bad. It was a pelvic inflammatory disease. I went to the hospital in Los Angeles. They had to send me back to France to go to surgery. I was freaking out. I thought I could never do porn again. The doctor told me that when you do ass-to-pussy, or other girls' pussy to your pussy... I don't do that anymore now. They told me they are not sure that I can have kids or get pregnant. I think most of the girls are not aware of what they risk by doing that. It is very bad. Aside from that, I've had chlamydia two times."

"I learned how to suck cocks from movies"

"I've always been into bondage, SM, and hard sex"

"My limits are the talent's limits. If they want me to do something that is considered "obscene," I'll do it anyway. Then the editor chooses to leave it in or not. The only thing is I will not leave permanent marks to anyone"

"Kelly Wells recently said in an interview, that after the scene she did for me, she wanted to do more SM scenes. Same for Alektra. She cried, it was hard, but she never stopped me, and now she posts on the internet that she loved it!"

"I love the feeling of the whip/flogger/paddle. If you haven't experienced it, you won't understand it"

"I never did Meatholes. Well, let's say I did one but off-camera. I wouldn't use the word horrible. Intense and interesting. I learned a lot about myself afterwards, like I shouldn't drink so much"

"So yeah I do like being choked (to the point I lose consciousness), getting my hair pulled, slapped, etc… but not just anyone can do that to me. I guess anyone can fuck me – but I’m picky about who can dominate me. It’s something you gotta deserve"

"When I started in the business I explored a lot of different things, and I was really into rough sex / S&M, both on camera and in my personal life. I was really submissive and thought being shocked by a cattle prod, being hogtied, and flogged til my ass was black and blue, were the coolest things ever (thanks Kink for many great memories…hehe)"

"I play World of Warcraft. Like.. a lot. lol. I love that game!"
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pornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond repute



"She is in heaven with a black Alabama black snake in her ass!"

Brianna Love i loved that butthole

"She got pregnant during a gang bang, the baby father was the only Black man on set"

"hope her parents seen it"

"Nice ass NO TITS"

"thats one fat ass"

"Lord, God, does she look good on all fours with a horrendous ghetto weiner puckering her sphincter...nice camera work"

"Yeeeeeeeees:Brianna Love was really impregnated; And the father of her daughter is a afroamerican"

"Brianna looks so used and abused"

"stupid worthless piece of dog shit whore!!!"

"brianna california babe needs black cock in her ass every day"

"she is the greatest black cock lover, you can tell no white boy stands a chance with an ass like that!"

"i wanna eat her ass all day"

"notice her screaming follows the same routine"

"she looks like taylor swift"

"This bitch has had so much cum shot up in her...We will never know who the daddy is?"

"Is Lex Steele the father ??"

"I would give her ass a good reaming. I love the way she moans. Her sitting on his face toward the end was great. She should have ripped a loud, juicy fart while she was smothering him though"

"She is a super cool girl. Had her out as an escort in Vegas. Was amazing!"

Brianna Love became more famous after gaining weight

"my dick instantly grows thinking about the wet ripe colon"

'Famous' Porn Stars Who Have Done Bi Scenes? Brianna Love in American Bi 3

"Wow! She took some major dick in that ass, like a champ. Her asshole will never be the same!"

"i wanna lick her whole ass crack"

Hot White Chick who licked black man's ass Brianna Love - Black Crack Addicts

"She's doin alot of ******atial porn maybe too much"

"yee bitch now go run home to yo daddy and tell him the reason you cant walk straight"

Who is the Hottest girl you've seen rim a guy? brianna love

"Maybe everyone forgets something:She had a baby girl of a black guy"

Sling Bikini scenes Brianna Love in Brianna Love Comes of Age has a bonus masturbation scene where she walks around a pool in a slingshot. Best bonus scene that I can remember. She also wore one in Brianna Love is Buttwoman in her scene with Mr. Pete. She left it on for the whole scene

"Her scream is so Sexy"

In the best scene Manuel dumps a huge load of semen in Cindy Crawford's gaping asshole and Brianna Love proceeds to suck in out. Not just sipping it out but burying her face in Cindy's crack and sucking it out

"Another human I use to love watching until she turned Animal trainer. Lost to the monkey shine. Probably will shit a mud pup. Fucking useless whore"

A couple of good examples of positive weight gain would be Brianna Love and Euro babe Maya Hills. In Brianna's case she was a petite girl with a nice ass but after she gave birth to her daughter her ass became perfection with the added weight giving her that beautiful heart shaped ass that I miss so much

"im gonna find her and rape her"

This may sound really bizzare, but I've always loved her titties

"She is the mother of a biracial girl. Ha ha ha"

Females a2m from Males Brianna Love with Christian - Strap Attack #8

"She got paid in cum!"

She had the most perfect A-cups on all time

"i wold fuck her until the world ends"

Brianna Love and Tee Reel do the dirty deed in Interracial Hole Stretchers #2. She's mighty pretty and if you love your ladies slim and small-breasted with a cute face, no tattoos or piercings, you'll love this lady big time. Blonde and tanned works for me. She rims Tee's bunghole with vim and vigor

"New born baby golden dipers jesus!!! I fuckn love this video. Makes me wanna buy her!"

She looks great after putting on a little bit of weight!

"Brianna has a beautiful fucking ass. Looks better with Lex's cock in it!"

"she is so hot! she deserves a 12 inch cock! black!!"

"I'd love to give her asshole a rimmjob...hell yeah!"

"Flat chested. Big Assed.Taylor Swift face. Perfect woman!"

"damn i wanna smell her big ass. I wanna stick my tongue and nose in both her holes whilst she moans my name"
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pornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond repute



"that is a hungry ASS"

"She gets DAP'd but does not seem to notice..."

"did anyone else hear the fart she made"

"I guess after an 8ball of coke you can fit anything in your ass"

"Wiska = Anastasia Grishay"

"looks like pulled pork with mayonnaise"

"I like it when she farts, very hot"

"Wiska makes Escortservice for 250 a hour !!! I like her Asshole"

"Im lucky men, because i fucked Wiska, when she was a prostitute and live in Ukraine"

Wiska (The titless, all natural Ukrainian anal goddess)

"to skinny looks like a crackhead"

Wiska in Gang Up is excellent. It in only four men with Wiska. But still it has a great collection of Actions. It started slowly.. With one men... Then men gathered up and fucked her in every possible way. Lot of dp's.. dap and dvp... Double Blowjob...

"drinking milk out of a chicks ass is just wrong - i dont care how fuckin hot she is"

If there was a scene where a girl was taking the two largest cocks up her ass, what scene would it be? Wiska - Gangland 73

"sexy fart"

"disgusting pig"

"this is not girl. this is fuck-machine. Fuckin' ukrainian whores!"

"last person I saw that Pale was David Bowie circa 1977"

Girls Who Fart During Anal Speaking of Omar, the scene with him in Russian Angels a few years ago with Wiska and Cherry Jul where both girls do milk enemas had some fantastic farting action from Wiska. Wiska is one of the hottest porn stars ever by the way, and she does a lot of farting in many of her scenes

"pale white whores that take thick black cock priceless..."

"just a sick ass bitch i wouldnt fuck her with a dogs dick"

"DAP, only the best can do it!"

"she looks so elegant with that cock in her mounth"

"did anyone else hear the fart she made"

"Her parents would be so proud.."

"This bitch doesn't feel a thing"

"She is from Ukraine. she has 2 kids and she is a femenist already"

"nothings better then seeing two cocks up a girls ass!"

"I can't decide which hole looks more inviting!"

"Life is difficult in Ukraine and Wiska really need money for her ill parents. Economic crisis will break her ass !!!"

"in a couple months she'll be available as a mail order bride"

"Wiska is a true hardcore goddess. I adore her"

"bitch started moaning only with too cocks in the ass thought she were a mute"

"Love the double vaginal -- rubbing my cock against another inside my wife's tight pussy is fantastic!"

"I love the way they destroyed this slut!.. she should get into anal fisting!"

"What does she look like Colonel Sanders?"

"the blonde is a really stunner i think she's so horny that she can take at least three big cocks inside her ass an pussy at the same time"

"i just love a skinny girl walking around with a big gaping hole between her buttocks"

"I like it when she farts"

"her pussy way to big how can she even feel a dick"

"She only does this shit for money"

"her ass will never be the same"

"super thin cracked out whore her pussy and asshole is useless to a normal guy"

"poor girl she must need the money to fuck those ugly monkeys, shes not enjoying that"

"That pussy is torn the fuck up. I waves like a flag"

There are videos of her banging a bunch of black guys and orgy sessions. Imagine what her son will think when he sees this when he is older. He'll be the brunt of jokes in school

Ye infidel Wiska, I am from Afghanistan and want to marry you. Our imam told possible if you embrace ISLAM and receive 100 lashes for your sins. I give 10 camels in heat and RPG-7 for bride money. He give you lashes. He is a holy man who had the knowledge of Blessed Sheikh Osama. Want halal sex with me and 3 other wives in my opium fields

Wait she has a son? Either way, her husband looks like a homosexual. Ukranian girls are super hot and superior. Millions of them even hotter than her walking the streets

What she actually said was, "After some sets I feel like I've been unloading a freight train all day long. Everything hurts"

I wonder how does his Husband feels when she perform Double Anal and Double vaginal. By the way my Uncle and cousin are citizens of Ukraine. I wanna marry in Ukraine. Girls are so hottt

She says that after shooting scenes she feels as if she has unloaded several vans. She is also rather afraid that some day her son will find out what she does, but she is still not going to leave the business. And her husband says that he initially encouraged her to do porn
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pornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond reputepornopicasso has a reputation beyond repute



"this scumbag heroin addict bitch has no self respect and I love it"

"oh baby oh baby"

"couldn't that pig have taken a 3rd cock up that asshole"

"She is a petite blond and appears on the cover. Starts with her playing with an anal dildo for the camera, while the director spits in her face and chokes her from off screen. When the guys come in, its is all rough and they go for the anal to start"

"call the proctologist..."

"Dogface! Still I cummed!!"

"she did offer escort services in europe"

"she farts the cum on the floor and licks it (then a guy puts his foot on her head...nice"

"shes scum"

"Is that David Bowie?"

"She spoke limited English, but fluent German, and could give me a true PSE with anal"

"Price: £ 250 1 hour"

"can't get enough of slim girls getting buttfucked. especially this girl. her anal scenes are epic"

"She's a freak!"

"21-year-old Hungarian escort called Angela Winter – a porn star no less!"

"She always did look better as a blonde. I like how her skin is shiny. Nothing like a 97lbs shiny ass to pop"

"ugly bitch"

"Do you believe that Angela's asshole could swallow anything? Well, our guys were testing her. I swear I haven't seen such enormous gapes in my life, especially after she fisted her ass or received some double anal pounding! Now we all are believers!"

"incredibly nasty and a cracker body. just the qualities it takes to reach super stardom in this profession!"

"She looks asian rather than european"

"where i can buy a girl like this one?"

"I do adore her, very beautiful, nicely slim and small ass, yet she loves even two cocks in her ass at the same time"

"i think she need that"


"This is very hard anal action and she doesn't let up through the entire scene. Finally, he destroys her face with a MONSTER facial, which gives shuts her eyes and gives her cum moustache!"

"sticks his ass-covered dick into her mouth!"

"Angela Winter - The Passion Of The Ass"

"Angela Winters is the extreme to that as she gives another heated performance like her 50+ minute anal thrashing in Thassit! 2"

"He blew his load so deep up her ass I'm surprised she managed to shit it out"

"That is so fuckin hot for a whore to take that much abuse where can i find a whore like that"

"This girl is the best anal whore I have ever seen!!"

"This bitch can take it in the ass like no other!!"

"A guy shoves dildo up her ass then lets her taste it! Then, he sticks one of those slim energy drink cans (like Red Bull) inside her elastic ass! With her limited English there was little point talking"

"she aint gonna shit right for a week, dont ya just feel sorry 4 her"

"sliding up for some double penetration in her sweet ass. He really lays into her ass and that’s not all. After the double anal there is tons of more anal action as Angela does her best to wear her studs out completely before they dump their loads in her gaping anus"

"a great toy....what a big shit whore....hmmmm"

"And the award for the world's loosest pussy goes to..."

"Something about a woman with no pain turns a man on"

"holy asshole"

"notice she has some flaws like her fucked -up teeth"

"how does she keep from shitting her pants???"

"But then I have seen her take a beer can in her ass"

"he cums inside her ass and then she lets it drains on her waiting hand. Consequently, she licks it all up!"

"he throatfucks her and then fucks her ass hard and lets her taste her ass juice with ass-to-mouth"

"she looks like such a trashy whore, i love it"

"Wow! - to shit is not enough for her asshole!"


"The scene ends with Angels getting an anal creampie which she lets drip out so she can lick it off the floor. Disturbing yet interesting at the same time"

"The head is pretty good as she tries her best to deep throat then one after the other and even remembers to lick at the balls"

"the guys shove their cock in any hole they can find"

"If ever the director decided to change the title, I think it would have been best as "Super Elastic Asshole!""

"By the end her makeup was running all over the place"

"There's also an attempt at double anal for you hardcore anal fans out there! Things get nastier with the rimming as well as the spitting and dick-slapping! Finally, she tastes the cumfart concoction freshly filtered from her ass as well as taking multiple loads that destroy her face! In summary, this is one of the hardest scenes ever and it's definitely not for the faint of heart!"

"not preatty, but she knows how too take it up the arse"

"disturbed-looking Euro tramp Angela Winters grunts her way through a two-cock sphincter stuffing and gets fuckin' choked for her efforts. She ends up with an impacted anal creampie that she pops out with her fingers. Awesomely hardcore shit"

"Blonde Hungarian porn star with limited English but super slim, fit body and small natural tits"

"is very hot milf, the face is not the best, but have a perfect body!"

"Angelina Winter spreads that tight ass wide open for you. Her super ellastic asshole opens to let those cocks drill her deep. She takes two loads of cum in her ass"

"damn i want her 7 times a day .....in all of her god damn good openend holes shes a fucking dirty angel"


"I'm a hot blonde independent pornstar escort from Budapest, Hungary"

"The escort service is an act playing too in my opinion. But the escort service is harder. The man want to see me, like in movies. So it can play too. The porn is easier and much more correct. When the scene is hard, take care for me too"

How did you get into movies? "I like acting. I answered to a newspaper advertisement"

"What I'm doing in the movies, not everything I do in the escort service"
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"Taylor Rain is an animal - dumb as shit, but totally into it. She's great"

"Love the look on her face when he goes balls deep"

"Her anal muscles must be quite loose with all that abuse"

"A blowbang from a hotty like her is totally worth the herpes your probably catching"

"REAL NAME: Nicole Marie Sabene (She claimed it was her older brother that taught her anal.)"

"I love the blowjob bubbles of her nose"

"this is CRAZY ANAL! his dick is bigger than her entire body and he's just gutting her like a fish.insane!"

"Taylor is only happy with a cock up her ass...my kind of babe"

"She's the ultimate fuck toy !!"

"Does she ever say anything other than 'oh yeah'?"

"Taylor Rain is the dirtiest girl on the planet. Her day is not complete unless many, many men cum all over her. My day is not complete unless many men cum all over her"

"I had a sex dream about her last night"

"she wont do black because then she knows she'll get aids"

"Fuck that's brutal: skull fucked"

"Ohhh yeah"

"Niiiice. imagine the number of dicks she sucked already ..."

"seems like raping... i dont think she has fun"

"i just love taylor's ass made for destruction"

"man, her asshole is fucked up.."

"Taylor doesn't do interracial"

"this girl is the proof that god's approve anal sex!"

"i would love to eat her sweet little pooper"

"I heard this stupid bitch won't do interracial scenes cuz her dad doesn't want her to. Stupid cunt"

"she wont do black cause she know once u go black u never go back"

"these guys destroyed her ass. she was hurtin doin this film"


"her ass might be destroied for the rest of her life"

"She is indeed like it. Notice her very erect nipples"

"woww he is brutal i feel sorry 4 her"

"Taylor's the best. Slender body, cute face, small/perky tits, landing strip, flexible, slides her ass on a cock effortlessly then sucks it after and finally takes a load to the face and in the mouth. An MVP performance!"

"her parents must be so proud!"

"she is filthy as fuck"

How is it that people judge porn stars when over half of the population masturbates to them?

She should fuck some black people. Otherwise she stays stupid

This woman sounds mentally retarded?

And what about Jay z, P-Diddy, Will Smith, Denzel Washington and many more ? But i don't care who she fucks. She's still a stupid retarded fart. She should paint her hair blond. Crack ho. Hahahaa

she is racist but i love her long toes

Is it just ME? or the fact that she is as thick as SHIT makes her like a million times HOTTER!!?

I'm pretty sure she has HIV now, she has disappeared from her blog when she said she had just got a boob job and that was September 14th, 2010, I read online that she may have HIV and I straight up asked on her blog she didn't reply but the question was deleted

I don't think she's stupid so much as she's stoned off her ass most of the times she's on camera. There's a few behind the scenes clips of her floating around where she's a little more lucid

She might sound stupid but she is one of the best

if she wants to be a mum, she can have a bucket of sperm from me

she don't sound stupid, SHE IS STUPID!!!

she can barely read. jesus christ her stupidity makes her even hotter

I would never have sex with a bitch like this because I would be scared I'd catch her stupid

shes hot. but she seems reaaally fucking "burnt out" (too much weed)

i wish i was her coke

Taylor has a great ass, id like to cum into her hole


Shes such a pretty girl. I wish her father wasn't racist because everyones equal, she didn't do porn and got a good boyfriend and soon to be husband, and she didn't do drugs and did something more important like working(No sex) and thinking about making a family. Why did she want be a porn star and end up getting arrested for being dumb?

Taylor lost her mind a few years ago

Cocaine is a helluva drug. Explains a lot of what some of these adult stars do. Like eating ice cream from their friends ass, or making milkshakes and drinking them, out their friends ass

Rather she can suck like hell than she can read a sign !

she's talking like ozzy

she sounds fucked up

shes got a dick up her ass, right now,  not coke .....

This woman is married with a child. Unbelievable

Hahaha true, that's one of the main things about her that racist bigot's refuse to acknowledge. She also had multiple black boyfriends and lovers. Also, she's openly admitted that her biggest fantasy was to fuck 50 cent. The only reason why she never did blacks on film was because of her father, who is a hardcore racist

Gross!!!!! This girl couldn't pass a sobriety test how can they work in porn. Laws should be changed to make these girls be drug and alcohol free they would never do this without drugs

Llyod Banks from G-Unit fucked her dude...and hes a black gangster

she's got hepatitis

There is something wrong with this chick

Taylor Rain is the best. Would love to eat her nasty pussy and fuck and cum in her nasty cunt

I still masterbate to her movies. So filthy I luv it!

racist but got sexy long toes

i beleive she's positive

Hi, my names taylor rain, and i like it in the poop chute

she's so fuckin high in this

if i was her kid, i would fuck her. OOOOHHHH!!!!!

porn stars are literally like retarded 3 year old children!!! Imagine how her family would react if they listened to this very educational inspirational interview of their daughter hahaha

Hi my name is Taylor Rain and..... I have lost my car keys inside my butthole

bitch sounds dumb

so does anyone of you know if its true that she has HIV??

Yea shes so clean that when you eat her pussy you can taste a 1000 dicks, I bet thats what you like from her

thick. as. pigshit

she fucked llyod banks the rapper and he's black dumb fuck

Heaven certainly is located inside her pussy.


that girl is a burnout

she is pretty but really dumb, i feel sorry for her parents. i still beat off to her though haha

I love her asshole...vey hot teen

i hord that she's HIV now is it true ???

hi my name is T Rain and my mouth is better in cock sucking than speaking

Taylor Rain is fucking Trailer Trash!!!!

thats because she's been bonging and sniffing nose candy,Hey we most likely have a shot if we supply her.She pretty much does anything for the dope

Dictators, murderers are more evil, yes, but not necessarily more disgusting. Do you realize how many people she's had sex with? lol. She probably has 10 STD's and doesn't even know about them

hi my names taylor rain and im a drug addict who gets boned in the ass for coke

i can tax her ass for days mann..


ah shes such a filthy whore n i would wax that ass

she has the perfect face, and shes fucking nasty doing her thing, i wish she werent a pornstar so i could fuck her without worrying about diseases or stuff...

chick has smoked her brains out. Seriously, she smokes too much dope!

She got boob job and maybe HIV too

someone to kill her please hahahahahaha

Forget std's, dude. Worry about her pimp and drug habit. Those will get you killed way faster than the herpes she's already treating

she even swallows willingly. my girlfriend spits

This chick reminds me of my ex. She's not retarded she is just a burnout

I love taylor rain's asshole

Her whole life is a blooper

I love her..... the only one that rivals her is Jenna Haze

shut up and suck some dick you stupid whore, stop talking


No tits and a disgusting pothead. I hope someone murders her. That would be great because stoners are no better than animals

what a worthless human being

Shes just another spunkqueen, But she does a nice selfhelp routine, thats the type of broad after you blow your load you make and excuse like feel like beer? ill be back

I have wanked at this biatch so much, she drives me crazy

Wow, she sounds high

Hi i'm taylor rain,i have an I.Q. of 87,i traded comunity service for a 20 day jail bail and this is my 57th first time video.I hope you enjoy

i read from LA Times that she's HIV. So sad coz I'm a big fan of Taylor

flat-assed airhead bimbo

hi my name is taylor rain and i fuck on film cause i have the iq of a 4 year old

she needs my cock
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